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Education’s Role in the United States

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There are many people thinking that education is the divine answer to the problems faced by the United States and by extension the world.  These people place high hopes that through education society will improve to such a point that life will be free of violence and other ills that plague modern society.

This thinking is evidenced by the myriad of futuristic movies, for example, Demolition Man, which depicts a gentler, more peaceful environment for all people because they have been able, through the different decades, become educated and enlightened. The adherents to this type of thinking https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ are hoping life replicates art.

But are their hopes misplaced? The people who take this view find that the role of education in America is to be a savior to the nation as they hope by educating people many different problems will be reduced or solved. The problems they want to be solved are listed below:

·         Gender Inequality. This issue has been one of the main issues that have attracted the attention of educators for years. The idea that education can help solve gender issues has been one of the lynchpins of the feminist movement. The better-educated women become, the more parity they will achieve with men

·         Reducing Poverty. This issue is also high on everyone’s list as they say that a good education is a ticket to escaping poverty. By becoming educated a person has a better chance at obtaining a great career.

·         Saving the Environment. By educating people, environmentalists hope to reduce waste, save animals and stop pollution from taking place. They want the normal family to be wise in their purchases and their discarding of their waste. In that way, their environmental footprint will be lighter and less damaging to www.samedayessay.com/.

·         Peace on Earth. All other attempts to stop armed conflict have failed. Education is now seen as a way to stop nations from going to war with each other. It is hoped that when people learn about each other and their cultural ways, they will put their weapons down and become friends.

·         Stop Racism. This could be a part of the previous point but there are aspects of racism that do not lead to armed conflict yet brings many wounds to society. By seeing life through the eyes of other people, it is hoped that citizens will learn how to behave differently towards those of another culture.

·         Global Competitiveness. Education is seen as a way to remain competitive in the global market. To be a leader of the world these days is not founded in brute force but education and how one uses their learning.

The role of education, then, is seen to make America great again. They hope that by instilling knowledge in their people the social conflict among its people will diminish and everyone will work together for that common goal. One way to accomplish that is for the country to keep its people on top by making sure that they learn the lessons given through education.